New Client

Complete Online Pre-pop. Currency Assist can then prepare the necessary documents to arrange for tax clearance and final transfer


Follow the link below for a summary of supporting documents required for the application and tax clearance.


Currency Assist is an international money transfer specialist that can assist clients with international transfers for offshore investment, including obtaining tax clearance.


Process Flow

  • Preliminary

    • Applicant completes secure online New Client form
    • E-mail FICA documents to

  • Currency Assist


    • Currency Assist verifies information
    • Currency Assist prepares documents
    • Required supporting documentation list sent to Applicant
    • Send Documents for signature
      • Physical Signature: Send to Agent
      • Electronic Signature: Send to Applicant

  • Collection

    • Applicant collects required supporting documentation
    • Applicant signs necessary documents, if required, e.g. Tax Special Power of Attorney (POA) for tax clearance
    • Documents sent to Currency Assist at

  • Currency Assist


    • Currency Assist opens an account with Authorised Dealer in client's name
    • Currency Assist sends confirmation of account opening to Applicant
    • Currency Assist arranges for tax clearance, if necessary

  • Funding

    • Applicant arranges to fund client's account
    • Applicant confirms beneficiary bank details and transfer details, e.g. currency
    • Applicant sends Proof of Payment to

  • Currency Assist


    • Currency Assist contacts Applicant to confirm trade and executes transfer
    • Currency Assist sends trade confirmation to Applicant
    • Currency Assist completes cross-border reporting requirements


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